Bor will hold a design "workshop". Even the creator of the pro Tour trophy will come.

Nový Bor - The city and glass companies joined the state organization CzechTourism. It now promotes Nový Bor with Prague and Zlín.
It will be a glass workshop in a pocket edition, compressed into one weekend. And full of famous names from the world of design. A special event Meet Czech Design (Know Czech design) will take place in Nový Bor from 13 to 15 June linking the interests of the city of Nový Bor, glass companies and state organization Czech Tourism which aims to promote Czech culture and native uniqueness.

A number of celebrities who come to Českolipsko to work with glass or who have participated in some of the big international glass workshops will return to Nový Bor for Meet Czech Design. This June in Nový Bor, we'll be able to see architect David Vávra, fashion designers Liběna Rochová and Blanka Matragi or designer Peter Olah, the author of the awards which the Nový Bor company Lasvit produces for the winner of the famous Tour de France cycling race.
"Meet Czech Design has five stops altogether in places which have a word or two to say about Czech design. The first event took place in Zlín and until the end of October the festival will still be held in Nový Bor, Mladá Boleslav, Brno and Prague," the Czech Tourism spokeswoman Michaela Klofcová explained. "Novoborsko represents a strong discipline of Czech design which is glass work. There are several glass factories in Nový Bor epitomizing the best of glass the Czech Republic can offer," she said, explaining why the state company sought to hold its festival in Nový Bor.

We fix what the machetes caused
According to Klofcová the festival strives in all areas to take up on something that already exists, has its own tradition and tries to add a number of other things to it. Czech Tourism used the same scenario even in Nový Bor where it will link days devoted to design with traditional Glass festivities.
"We've been working to fundamentally change the perception of our city and its reputation damaged by the machete attackers scandal. Meet Czech Design is yet another event fitting this philosophy. It's a great honour for us to be a partner of cities such as Zlín, Mladá Boleslav or Prague," said the Mayor of Nový Bor Jaromír Dvořák, also praising the event.
He also admitted considering the event a stepping stone for the next year of the International Glass Workshop to be held in Nový Bor next autumn. Meet Czech Design will share a number of features with the traditional workshop. One of them will be the so called design trail, an open door day in all cooperating glass factories which will be accessible for those interested via a free shuttle service. People will also be able to tour the factories by bike because there will be a bike rental (Bike Point) set up during the festival at the Nový Bor square.
Czech Tourism will also open its Info Point where the visitors get the festival passports, which they'll be able to use as a free ticket to individual exhibits, workshops and shuttle service.