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Bloggers at Designblok will design how to furnish a trendy apartment 

(Prague, 6 October 2014) – This year’s Designblok will bring some extra treats. In cooperation with Meet Czech Design and the SOFFA magazine, a space will be set up in which bloggers will create a design room. They will only choose furnishings and accessories they find at Designblok. Full text.

Build your own mosaic of graphic design in Brno and enjoy the last part of MEET CZECH DESIGN 

(Brno, 21 August 2014) – Exhibitions, workshops, lectures, the introduction of a new script, a design slideshow, concerts, and theatre. All these make up one big mosaic of graphic design. You can build your own according to your taste at the 26th International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 2014, which will include the final part of MEET CZECH DESIGN, organized by CzechTourism. Full text.

MEET CZECH DESIGN to speak out at Unique Fashion Week

Unique Fashion Week is part of the Meet Czech Design project through which CzechTourism links the most important design events in the Czech Republic.

MEET CZECH DESIGN is a festival that links events happening in Czech centres of industrial design – Zlín, Nový Bor, Mladá Boleslav, Prague and Brno. Each of these towns and cities has a lot to say in terms of both the history and the current status of Czech design. All of the municipalities will offer an extensive programme, leading their visitors through special design trails, exhibits, and galleries, organising field trips as well as lectures by both Czech and global celebrities of design, performances and other events. This is how CzechTourism intends to increase the attraction of the Czech Republic for the fans of modern lifestyle. Full text.

Mladá Boleslav to spin the wheels of design as part of the next stop of MEET CZECH DESIGN

(Mladá Boleslav, 24 July 2014) – Automobiles form an important part of Czech design. New cars have been made in Mladá Boleslav for more than one hundred years, which is why industrial design plays a vital role in this Northern Bohemian town. Organised by CzechTourism, the three-day MEET CZECH DESIGN festival will take place here in mid-September. Full text.

Top designers and world-famous fashion designers are heading to Nový Bor as part of the next stop of MEET CZECH DESIGN

(Nový Bor, xx May 2014) – Working with glass represents a very significant – and probably the most well-known worldwide – aspect of Czech design. Traditional Czech glass-making centres include the Nový Bor region in the north of the Czech Republic. This area offers many natural and historical sites that are of interest to tourists, and many generations in the region are connected with glass-making. The three-day MEET CZECH DESIGN festival will take place here in mid- June. Full text.

The Czech Republic has a lot to offer in the field of design, as proven by the MEET CZECH DESIGN series

(Prague, 30 April 2014) – Bata architecture, bent wooden furniture, working with glass, inventive toys, and useful and practical household helpers – all these are typical products of Czech design. Czech design centres will now interconnect in a series of design events entitled MEET CZECH DESIGN. In doing so, CzechTourism wants to increase the attractiveness of the Czech Republic in the eyes of the lovers of modern lifestyles. Full text.

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Prague is a vibrant metropolis where the number of cultural events is growing constantly as new projects arise. On the other hand, the stalwarts of culture expand their offers as well. A Web of Design (Pavučina designu) is the third stop of the MEET CZECH DESIGN series and it combines the two above trends. As a new project, it covers popular events connected with modern lifestyle that take place from September to October, including Designblok ’14, Prague Fashion Week, and Architecture Week. Full text.


Zlín prides itself on shoes, architecture, and young talent; in Nový Bor, they are masters of working with glass; Mladá Boleslav puts faces to motors on wheels; Brno is a leader in graphic design; and Prague covers design, fashion, and architecture. CzechTourism has interconnected these towns in a series of design events, MEET CZECH DESIGN. Full text.