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Zlín, 1–3 May 2014



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The house was built in 1909-1911 and was very modest by the standards of its time. The construction of it was commissioned by brilliant entrepreneur Tomáš Baťa, the founder of the Baťa shoe company. He wanted to build a pleasant residence for his family and himself, where he could relax and constantly see his factory. Cosiness and functionality are the main attributes to which the villa’s interior and exterior had been adapted. The appearance of the house and its surroundings were formed by renowned architects and builders: J. Kotěra, F. Thomayer, F. L. Gahura, and V. Karfík. The interior is embellished with a great number of architectural gems and gems of visual arts and craftsmanship.


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Dr. Kolaříka 2570, Zlín 760 01
The Tomáš Baťa Memorial – perhaps the most elegant creation of the city and Baťa’s architect František Lydie Gahura in Zlín of its time. Following the tragic death of Tomáš Baťa in an air disaster in Otrokovice in 1932, the building of the T. Baťa Memorial was built on top of a slope of an avenue lined by halls of residence. A cubic building comprising a reinforced-concrete frame and glass panels was put up between two large educational institutions. The concept of the storeys was variably changeable. The work itself gave a very airy impression, as a natural termination of the park avenue with halls of residence. A model of his Junkers F 13 aircraft was also installed in the interior of the monument in memory of the deceased Baťa.


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Hradská 888, 760 01 Zlín
The building of winter baths was erected in 1950, in the place of former brickworks next to the Stadium of Youth. The construction is based on a proven factory-made reinforced-concrete frame of 6.15 x 6.15 cm, the exterior masonry is from bricks and jointed. Inside the edifice is a swimming pool with dimensions of 25 x 12 m, steam bath, beauty salon, and changing rooms. Inside the hall with the pool there is a gallery for spectators and terraces for swimmers to have a rest. The southern façade of the building is made of glass, thus optically connecting the baths with the surrounding nature.


Zlín 3689, Zlín 760 01
The villa of director Malota – another one of the directors’ villas, built according to the design of Vladimír Karfík, is a villa of a member of the Board of Directors of the Baťa company, František Malota. The villa was built in the period of 1941-43 on a sloping hill below a wood in the municipal district Na Lazech. The architectural style that F. Malota chose was the so-called “Rhineland style” but it cannot be denied that the work reflects Karfík’s experience gained during his study visit to F. L. Wright. The garden is sort of interconnected with the adjoining wood. Thanks to sloping ground, the structure has three storeys and it comprises two masses – a residential southern section and northern section (staff dwellings, garages). One peculiarity is folded corner windows or dormers. Many original components of equipment and furniture form a part of the interior.


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Třída Tomáše Bati 4091/32, 761 87 Zlín
The Zlín City Theatre is a repertory theatre of a Central European type. Continuously since 1946 it has been jointly shaping the history of Czech theatre and it ranks amongst its most progressive examples. The artistic credit of the Zlín theatre is appreciated by both expert critics and the theatre-going public; it is an institution where Czech, Polish and Slovak artists meet. The theatre fulfils the role of a multifunctional cultural facility in Zlín. It organises balls, concerts as well as events for children; the glazed entrance areas serve as an exhibition gallery.


Náměstí T. G. Masaryka 5556, Zlín 760 01
The monument built in Zlín in memory of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk was not only an expression of respect for the first Czechoslovak President but it also expressed a distinctive tradition of close relations, links, which were characteristic of this personality connected to Zlín and the surrounding Wallachian Region.


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náměstí Míru 12, Zlín 760 01
The Zlín city hall is situated on náměstí Míru (Square of Peace) in Zlín. It stands in the place of an original town hall, which burnt down. It was completed in 1923. The Municipality of the City of Zlín has its seat in the city hall.


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univerzitní park
Jan Antonín was a half-brother of the founder of the shoemaking company, Tomáš Baťa. After his death in 1932 he assumed his position in the enterprise and continued to build the factory.


Soudní 1, Zlín 760 01
The Zlín Chateau is a four-wing chateau with an inner courtyard in the middle of the Park of Freedom in the Zlín city centre. The chateau also houses a permanent exposition of the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Southeast Moravia is located there. The museum’s permanent exhibitions include “S inženýry Hanzelkou a Zikmundem pěti světadíly” (Through Five Continents with Hanzelka and Zikmund), “Pamětní síň Františka Bartoše” (The Memorial Hall of František Bartoš) and “Zlínské filmové studio od reklamy k tvorbě pro děti” (Zlín Film Studio from Commercials to Children’s Production). A chateau restaurant and wine bar are situated on the ground floor of the western wing.


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třída Tomáše Bati 21, Zlín 760 01
Jan Antonín Baťa had the skyscraper built based on the design by architect Vladimír Karfík in the late 1930s. On the 16th storey is an observation gallery as well as a café, which offers a unique view of Zlín and its environs. A fully functional mobile office of the bosses of the Baťa concern is also a tourist attraction; upon advance notice tourists can access it as well.

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